Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Nightlife in Dallas in the mid to late 80's and early '90's was a time for revolutionary change with a brand new sound emanating from underground club culture in NYC and Chicago and Dallas was a key hub in providing exposure to a larger audience outside of its core urban inner-city audiences in New York City and Chicago.

One of the key instigators of this revolution in Dallas was legendary DJ GREG WATTON. 

Chicago native Greg Watton was instrumental in helping to promote the sound of the underground sub-culture which is the direct descendant of and a mutated version of Disco which was coined  "House Music" by it's originators in Chicago and NYC,  while commanding the dj booth at seminal local clubs Mistral and Deep Ellum's Club 2826, where lines would wrap around the block in order to gain access to this brand new exciting music which was, at the time, largely unknown to the city.

Lizard Lounge owner, Don Nedler, mentioned that Mr. Watton and 2826, along with Starck Club and it's dj, Mike "Go-Go" DuPriest, were largely responsible for changing the course of dance music in Dallas.

Click (HERE) for a smoking mix by Mr. Greg Watton.

It would only be natural to have Greg as our honored esteemed guest to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our residency at THE CROWN & HARP, which is one of Dallas most ardent supporters of underground House, Techno & Disco culture in the metroplex.

Support will be provided by Dallas' vehement seekers of  sublime disco and techno perfection - Disco's Revenge resident jocks - Rick Simpson, Nekstone and Mr. Daishiki Jones.

It's going to be a good one for sure.


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