Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Residency || The Nines || Deep Ellum || Starting Feb. 24th

Well, after a bit of a hiatus over the holidays, we are back in 2017 with a brand new direction and a brand new venue.  


After 2+ years at The Crown & Harp, we have made the bittersweet decision to switch gears and relocate to a BRAND NEW RESIDENCY in Dallas' historical and cultural nightlife and music district, DEEP ELLUM, located slightly east of downtown Dallas, in Dallas' newest nightclub, THE NINES(formerly known as The Redlight).

With this move, we feel that we have a bit more "space" in order to better realize our vision and to bring our message of unity to more people --- we have a larger pulpit and platform to spread love onto our dance floor and to further advance our mission of presenting  quality underground dance music championing the  ethos and creed established decades ago in the mecca's of dance music, New York, Chicago and Detroit, which laid the groundwork of Disco, House and Techno music(respectfully), a cultural phenomenon which later swept the entire planet and has since morphed and blossomed into a globally interconnected culture from Berlin to Tokyo, from Johannesburg to London, and all points in between. 

We are blessed  to be able to include ourselves in this "underground network" of kindred souls joined together by our love and passion for the unity of the dance floor.

With that being said, please join us on our maiden voyage as we embark on a glorious new chapter of our perpetual quest to find the perfect beat.

"What does music mean to me? I don't think I would really be much without it, without it coming through me. It's my means of communication, my means of growth, my means of transportation from one point in my life to another."
 - Erykah Badu

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Local Jocks Spark A Return to the Roots of Underground Dance Music Culture in Dallas.

Ricky Simpson, Gavin Guthrie aka TX Connect and Mr. Daishiki Jones 
BENDING and breaking, re-conceptualizing, remolding   and rebuilding upon pre-conceived notion of how underground dance music  is defined,  while staying true and focused to the universal  ethos of dance floor harmony since 2010, we are continuing our journey in 2016, dedicated to preserving the culture with our special blend of House, Techno and Disco.

"Back in 2009, as the new year was fast approaching, I was wondering about what was going on on New Year's Eve and I was shocked that there were zero — yes, zero — house or techno-themed events planned for Dallas..."
- Mr Daishiki Jones  

Holding court every 3rd Saturday, at our current home at The Crown & Harp in Dallas for the past year,  we've  slowly but surely,  creating a organic and holistic environment for the music and culture unique to Dallas and the metroplex - there's nothing quite like it in the entire state of Texas.

Our current roster are avid collectors, talented producer, promoters, deejays  who are extremely passionate about preserving  the music and culture along with  it's  history by  building upon it's legacy - always moving forward, while acknowledging the importance of the traditions which were the blueprints and foundation for the culture.

Both Ricky Simpson and Mr. Daishiki Jones have been a  integral part of helping to shape the local underground dance music landscape for the past 20+ years and  newest member, Gavin Guthrie is Dallas' "wunderkind" who is taking the world by storm with his highly regarded releases on acclaimed labels such as L.I.E.S. and Creme Organization and his new label, T.R.U.(Texas Recordings Underground), under his guise as TX Connect.

For your listening enjoyment, here are mixes and interviews in the DALLAS OBSERVER featuring our resident manipulators of the groove.

Ricky Simpson ( here )
Gavin Guthrie ( here )
Mr. Daishiki Jones ( here )

Join us for our next excursion Saturday May 21st at The Crown and Harp.  21+.  No Cover.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

TX Connect goes Italo...

Here's a brief snippet of a new Italo inspired track Gavin is currently working on.

Let's give Italo a try shall we?
Posted by TX Connect on Sunday, 31 January 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years Resolution DISCO'S REVENGE Style!!!

Dallas' Home For The Underground
We are a party of innovation. We do not reject our traditions, but we are willing to adapt to changing circumstances, when change we must. We are willing to suffer the discomfort of change in order to achieve a better future.
- Barbara Jordan
With the new year comes new life, new opportunity and new vibes.

Unfortunately, Brandon Ayala aka NEKSTONE, had to step away from DISCO'S REVENGE due to commitments to his award winning funky streetwear/footwear outlet, EPOCHA.  Check it out for the very FRESHEST of urban inspired gear.

We wish Brandon MUCH success with his burgeoning business.

With that, we are pleased to introduce our latest addition, GAVIN GUTHRIE, aka TX Connect.

Having personally known Gavin for some time now, and being associated with Disco's Revenge as both a co-promoter and guest DJ, it is only natural that he "officially" becomes part of the DR family.

Gavin has been a part of the local scene for awhile, cutting his teeth with a Denton, Texas based indie-synth-psyche band, Florene and taking those first innocent steps as a DJ while a student at North Texas University before hooking up with fellow House Music enthusiasts, Chris Ackert and Gina Garza to form the collective, Deep Shade.

His foray into indie-synth-psyche and love for underground House Music culture led him to production, which resulted in being noticed by NYC based label, L.I.E.S.(Long Island Electrical Systems) who released his first E.P.,  "House of Confusion".  The rest, as they say, is history.

In the meantime, check out these SLAMMING  mixes from resident jocks: GAVIN GUTHRIE - RICK SIMPSON - MR. DAISHIKI JONES and join us Saturday, January the 16th for the first installment of our little disco party for 2016.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Nightlife in Dallas in the mid to late 80's and early '90's was a time for revolutionary change with a brand new sound emanating from underground club culture in NYC and Chicago and Dallas was a key hub in providing exposure to a larger audience outside of its core urban inner-city audiences in New York City and Chicago.

One of the key instigators of this revolution in Dallas was legendary DJ GREG WATTON. 

Chicago native Greg Watton was instrumental in helping to promote the sound of the underground sub-culture which is the direct descendant of and a mutated version of Disco which was coined  "House Music" by it's originators in Chicago and NYC,  while commanding the dj booth at seminal local clubs Mistral and Deep Ellum's Club 2826, where lines would wrap around the block in order to gain access to this brand new exciting music which was, at the time, largely unknown to the city.

Lizard Lounge owner, Don Nedler, mentioned that Mr. Watton and 2826, along with Starck Club and it's dj, Mike "Go-Go" DuPriest, were largely responsible for changing the course of dance music in Dallas.

Click (HERE) for a smoking mix by Mr. Greg Watton.

It would only be natural to have Greg as our honored esteemed guest to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our residency at THE CROWN & HARP, which is one of Dallas most ardent supporters of underground House, Techno & Disco culture in the metroplex.

Support will be provided by Dallas' vehement seekers of  sublime disco and techno perfection - Disco's Revenge resident jocks - Rick Simpson, Nekstone and Mr. Daishiki Jones.

It's going to be a good one for sure.


Sunday, May 10, 2015


North Texas weather, as usual, is CRAZY and UNPREDICTABLE in May and our monthly dance floor feast isn't any different.   

Once a month,  we transform quaint intrepid little nightspot, THE CROWN AND HARP into Dallas' home for underground dance music culture and a hotbed of equal parts religious revival meeting, den of iniquity and scene right out of Soul Train.  In other words - there's nothing quite like it, in Dallas, in Texas, or in the entire Southwest.

Paying homage to pioneering spirit of Disco, DISCO'S REVENGE  was founded on the original hedonistic yet inclusive ethos of New York 1970's Disco culture, which gave to the birth of Chicago  House Music  and Detroit Techno in the early to mid '80's(which in itself led directly to the Acid House revolution in the UK),  and since 2010 DISCO'S REVENGE has been on a mission to cultivate House music culture in the DFW metroplex by respecting the influences of the past that were the template for the present, which in turn influences the future.

One of our goals is to be the antithesis to dance floor stagnation by taking a holistic approach by concentrating on, in our estimation, the most important aspects of dance culture: the music, the vibe, and most important, and most obvious, THE DANCE FLOOR.  

With that being said, our merry little family of Disco devotees is helping to reclaim the dance floor for those who like to boogie as if their lives depended on it.  

Join us this Saturday, the 16th, for an evening which  the DALLAS OBSERVER has called, "One of Dallas' Best DJ Residencies That Play Vinyl", for a night of unbridled and unparalleled debauchery as we continue on our never ending quest to: 


Thursday, April 9, 2015



Music is the fourth great material want, first food, then clothes, then shelter, then music.
Chrisian Nestell Bovee

If music is the forth material want, than VINYL is the fifth.  Saturday April 18th is RECORD STORE DAY  and DISCO'S REVENGE is as we are EXTREMELY "vinyl-centric", it is only fitting that we honor the medium which literally shaped UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC CULTURE as we know it.

Being the "crate diggers" we are, our merry band of disco disciples have been ardent supporters of vinyl for DECADES and feel that the media is still viable and even though interest in vinyl has waned since the advent of "digital.  

We don't consider ourselves a "vinyl" event per se, because we've continued to feature vinyl as our primary medium to showcase dance music culture and don't feel that vinyl should be "stigmatized" as some sort of "anomaly" - it's just a part of our creed: simple as that.

With that being said, please join us at THE CROWN AND HARP for our monthly soiree into Disco hedonism with our resident Archons of underground dance music: Rick Simpson, Nekstone & Mr. Daishiki Jones as they make you POP, DIP AND SPIN while making your head GO BANG because we know IT IS WHAT IT IS.