Sunday, May 10, 2015


North Texas weather, as usual, is CRAZY and UNPREDICTABLE in May and our monthly dance floor feast isn't any different.   

Once a month,  we transform quaint intrepid little nightspot, THE CROWN AND HARP into Dallas' home for underground dance music culture and a hotbed of equal parts religious revival meeting, den of iniquity and scene right out of Soul Train.  In other words - there's nothing quite like it, in Dallas, in Texas, or in the entire Southwest.

Paying homage to pioneering spirit of Disco, DISCO'S REVENGE  was founded on the original hedonistic yet inclusive ethos of New York 1970's Disco culture, which gave to the birth of Chicago  House Music  and Detroit Techno in the early to mid '80's(which in itself led directly to the Acid House revolution in the UK),  and since 2010 DISCO'S REVENGE has been on a mission to cultivate House music culture in the DFW metroplex by respecting the influences of the past that were the template for the present, which in turn influences the future.

One of our goals is to be the antithesis to dance floor stagnation by taking a holistic approach by concentrating on, in our estimation, the most important aspects of dance culture: the music, the vibe, and most important, and most obvious, THE DANCE FLOOR.  

With that being said, our merry little family of Disco devotees is helping to reclaim the dance floor for those who like to boogie as if their lives depended on it.  

Join us this Saturday, the 16th, for an evening which  the DALLAS OBSERVER has called, "One of Dallas' Best DJ Residencies That Play Vinyl", for a night of unbridled and unparalleled debauchery as we continue on our never ending quest to: 


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