Monday, April 14, 2014

DISCO'S REVENGE celebrates RECORD STORE DAY 2014 @ Crown & Harp

As we SPRING forward we're pleased to show support for Record Store Day 2014 by bringing you a special  SUNDAY event to celebrate all the independent retail outlets which have played a important part in promoting the music and cultural movement known as "dance music".

We are hosting this special edition of DISCO'S REVENGE in conjunction with the 1st Annual Crown & Harp Swapmeet which will feature independent  vendors on hand to buy/sell/trade vinyl goodies of all genres.  Also on hand will be vendors selling clothing, sneakers, grafitti along with performances from local artists and bands.

Drafted specially for the occasion are a group of veteran Dallas dj's who are ardent audiophiles and vinyl junkies who know their way around the turntables.  Even though this event pays homage to vinyl, the intent is to show that vinyl is still viable as a medium to showcase the music and culture - even with the predominance of digital technology.  Don't come expecting "retro" but come with a open mind and happy feet to experience a full palette of audio goodies...past & present.

Please note that this is a DAYTIME/EARLY EVENING event scheduled from 2pm-10pm so after spending Easter brunch with the family, what better way to spend the afternoon than with us.

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