Tuesday, August 28, 2012

EXCLUSIVE interview with ZERNELL GILLIE(Grimy Edits)

LITERALLY doing his thing in the "underground" for years, Zernell Gillie is making a name for himself with his series of white hot reedits of "b-side" disco and boogie cuts of yesteryear.  Growing up in Chicago as a disciple of the legendary Ron Hardy, Zernell cut his deejay teeth playing sock hops at his local high school. 

His GRIMY EDITS are coveted by jocks across the globe and he has brought the "Grimy" sound to such places as Italy, Amsterdam, Germany and the U.K.  DISCO'S REVENGE had a chance to catch up with this rising star and ask him a few questions.


Okay, Zernell let's start off with a brief introduction, tell us where you're from?

I'm From Chicago... But I've lived in LA since 2010

Who were some of your musical influences that inspired you?

Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt, Farley JMF & Robert Owens

When did you realize you wanted to be a dj and do you remember the first party you played?

I started djing in 1984 and my 1st parties were a rec. club called BBF ( Better Boys Foundation ) and a Sock-Hop at my high school in 1986

What is the concept behind your Grimy Edits series? What was your inspiration to re-edit classic disco & boogie songs?

In Chicago there were a few of us (Dj's) playing B-Side Disco and the nickname Dirty started floating around on the scene. I teamed up with my friend James Glass(aka GOODKING) and Grimy! was born from that raw Dirty sound. We stressed to dig even deeper; to get GRIMY!... SO we scour for raw tunes that deserve to be heard and are in need of editing to enhance there dance floor appeal. We Don't EDIT Just for the SAKE OF EDITING or to bolster or Discography. We firmly believe in Quality over Quantity

You just released Grimy Edits Vol. 5, what else can we look forward to from you in the near future?

I have a new release coming out in September on Ubiquity Records label (Luv N' Haight) titled Luv N' Haight Edits Vol.2: Tommy Stewart Feat. Zernell & Rahaan.

The vinyl copies of Grimy Edits are coveted highly by collectors and dj's worldwide, will Grimy Edits be available for digital download?

Grimy Edits Vol. 1,2,&3 were available for digi download but all subsequent volumes are not.

 You've had the opportunity to travel the globe, are there any memorable events that warrant special attention?

 Generally I have a fantastic time/experience playing abroad, but a couple spots stand out for sure. One would be a lil club in Berlin called Soju Bar and the other is RoOts Corte Radisi in Verona Italy.

5 tracks that are currently tearing up your dancefloors?

a. Grimy Edits vol. 5 / Who Can I Turn 2
b. Rahaan / War I Declare / LJiH vol. 6
c. Gene Hunt / Drive yourself Nuts / Paul Johnson HD mix
d. Bruce Ivory / Bruce in Our Music
e. That Spunk / CrateBug

 Better hot dogs, Los Angeles or Chicago?

Chicago, Hands Down.

Describe "Grimy" in 10 words or less?


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