Friday, February 14, 2014


LOVE is the theme for this list, with lush instrumentals and vocal arrangements that tug at the heart.  

10.  THOSE GUYS - Love, Love, Love

A DJ Spen and Maurice Fulton CLASSIC.  Sparse on the vocals but the repeated mantra of "We need Love Love Love" gets the point across.

9.  PETE HELLER - Big Love

One of those original "hands in the air" big room anthems that did nothing but bring joy to dance floors worldwide.

8.  MASTERS AT WORK present INDIA - To Be In Love

A masterstroke of genius from MAW with the urrepressible talent of India handling vocal duties

7.  CE CE PENISTON - Finally 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...everyone knows this was a "mainstream" track...blah, blah, blah, but Ce Ce KILLS those vocals and the song arrangement has "hit" written all over it.  If you weren't voguing on the dance floor when this were D.O.A.

6.  CANDY J - Shoulda Known Better 

A cautionary tale of  what happens when "love" takes a negative turn.  Candy J sending a message to those who have been hurt physically and emotionally by L.O.V.E.

5.  ALCATRAZ - Give Me Luv 

This Deep Dish produced stormer was a "dark" dance floor burner that was the cause of many bunions that brought  financial windfall to many a podiatrist.

4.  BARARA TUCKER - Beautiful People  

Louie Vega makes the list twice with this self affirming message brought to life with Barbara Tucker's SLAMMIN' vocals and lyrics, which are a testament to a love greater than physical...AGAPE.  "It's what's missing in this world!!!!"

3. LIZ TORRES ft. MASTER C & J - Mind Games 

House DIVA Liz Torres gives her take on the subject from the perspective of the mentally strung out lover who is tired of the pain and anguish of her child like games of her mate.

2. LI'L LOUIS - French Kiss

A 10 minute journey into the raw, carnal nature of love, a virtual mind fuck on the dance floor, a pure exercise in tension and release...foreplay, coitus, orgasm & afterglow on wax.  I think I need a cigarette.

1. TEN CITY - You Must Be The One 

The OBVIOUS choice would probably be "That's The Way Love Is"... BUT...Ten City had DOZENS of "love" themed songs which could fill up a entire Top 10 themselves easily.  This particular selection is from the "Foundations" album, a release which has largely been forgotten, but each song is a CLASSIC that can be placed along ANY song, from ANY genre...and still hold it's weight.  "You Must Be The One" drips and oozes emotion and Byron Stingley's yearning falsetto puts you right smack in the mix of one lover expressing his joy and admiration for his mate.  SHEER PERFECTION.  

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