Friday, October 11, 2013

ZERNELL GILLIE [Grimy! Edits -LA/Chicago] @ Circuit 12 Contemporary

  DISCO'S REVENGE is taking the party [Saturday Nov. 16th] to Dallas' Design District for our latest soiree in order to bring the metroplex a different "vibe" to the music and culture.
We are hosting this edition at CIRCUIT 12 CONTEMPORARY , which is one of the newest and most innovative hubs for modern art in the DFW metroplex.  

DISCO'S REVENGE is proud to bring to Dallas, for the very first time, ZERNELL GILLIE, who is fast becoming the poster child for those who love disco re-edits. The Chicago bred, LA resident, cut his teeth on the fertile dance floors of Chicago's nascent House Music scene  as a protege of the legendary Music Box resident, Ron Hardy, who was introduced to Zernell by the equally legendary Gene Hunt.   

  His boutique label, GRIMY! EDITS is one of the world's top re-edit labels with each release selling out at record stores worldwide.  Each release captures the essence and vibe of the early House scene, yet updates the soundtrack to fit 21st century tastes.  Retro without feeling outdated is how you could describe the overall vibe of the label.

After a successful European tour that included stops in the U.K., Germany, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, Zernell is fast becoming one of the most sought after dj's on the global circuit.  In Los Angeles , he hosts and guests at some of the hottest events on the West Coast.

If that's not enough, we also have a local Dallas talent who in the span of a year or two, has caught the attention of the global underground House Music community with his unique take on classic Chicago House and Detroit Techno sounds.  GAVIN GUTHRIE under his production alias, TX CONNECT, has put the international dance music community on notice with his releases on Brooklyn record label, L.I.E.S.(Long Island Electrical Systems) and Glasgow based label, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

Rounding out the festivities is , the enigma himself, international man of mystery, DISCO'S REVENGE resident dj, MR. DAISHIKI JONES.

Believe me, this is going to be a good one..

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