Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Greatest Halloween Themed Underground House Tracks of All Time

Since Halloween is right around the corner and we are helping to  host a special event (LINK HERE)... DISCO'S REVENGE feels compelled to get into the spooky spirit and list some of the darkest, most sinister House songs of all time...mind you this isn't a scientific survey by any means...just having fun...

10.  BAM BAM - Where's Your Child?

Old school classic which could be a wonderful Public Service Announcement warning about the dangers of absentee parenting intoning incessantly  over and over "Where's Your Child?" while the bassline and kick drum keep things from descending into utter chaos...

9.  DJ RUSH - Child's Play 

The opening sample says it all...a foreboding vibe throughout the (extremely) sparse track pinned together with those trademark DJ Rush drums make this a "killer" track all the way around...

8.  JIMI TENOR - Year Of The Apocalypse 

We travel all the way to Finland for this one...the breakdown with the pipe organs and Gothic vocals along with the lyrics about partying at the end of the world make this the best post-apocalyptic song since Prince's "1999" and the Maurice Fulton remix captures the whimsical spirit of the original production and makes it work for the dancefloor.

7.  DJ FUNK - Holloween House

Ghetto House master DJ Funk checks in with another Dance Mania joint with this Juke-a-fied tribute to John Carpenter's classic movie "Halloween".  Hyper-kinetic drums and those keys give you the claustrophobic feeling that Jason is in the  bushes peeking at you through the living room window...RUN NOW!!!

6. TYREE ft Chic - I Fear The Night

If the demented laugh at the beginning isn't scary enough the off key vocals will kill you slowly...haha.  But seriously(kinda) any track that wants you to dance your ass off  in order to help combat  your fear is good enough in our book....iiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye FEAR THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

5.  LIL LOUIS - Blackout

Pure genius by Lil Louis to include the 23rd Psalm into a House track...legend has it that when he would drop this at his infamous Bismarck parties in Chicago the dancefloor turned into a massive mosh pit of sweaty bodies slam dancing until exhaustion...visualize Dante's Inferno...lusty sin and redemption in one nice little dancefloor ditty.

4.  PHUTURE  - Your Only Friend

A solemn tale on the dangers of excessive drug usage makes heady use of the stripped down beats and vocals to offer a EXTREMELY eerie and depressing yet cautionary warning to those who let the "party" get the best of them.

3.  NO NAME - Jason's Revenge

Now THIS is one dark scary and evil tune...turn up the volume, close your eyes and you will develop schizophrenia on the dancefloor looking for a way to escape certain peril....

2.  MINISTRY - Everyday Is Halloween

Reeking of pathos Ministry's best known song became  the anthem for the socially disenfranchised.  This industrial dance classic was a staple on Chicago dancefloors that was played on Chicago urban radio station WGCI by the Hot Mix 5.

1.  DADA NADA -  Haunted House 

A weird track by synth pop performer Robert Ozn Rosen that was transformed into a Acid House classic by Chicago House dj/producer Mike "Hitman" Wilson has a title that says it all...makes you want to put on the costume and hit the dancefloor...


  1. On the same vein as the DJ Funk track. This was done by Ricky Custer

    Slick Master Rick – Brothers & Sisters House On 13th Street

    Found this one on this compilation years ago:

  2. Where is The Horrorist-One Night in New York City-(Chris Liebing remix)??!! THE BEST

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