Sunday, August 28, 2011

THE HOUSE OF VIRGO: A Musical Celebration for the Virgo's

Okay friends and family, we are coming back to the Absinthe Lounge for more in the month of September(Friday the 9th) with a special edition of DISCO'S REVENGE. We will be celebrating the astrological sign of Virgo with our patented "disco" blend of deep house, tech house, nu disco, classic disco and other audiotastic delights for your dancing feet.

Last month's edition was a blast and this one will be even more insane(we all know how Virgos love a good party).

This is gonna be a good one with resident dj's Israel Marcano and Mr. Daishiki Jones(throwing down a very special set for fellow Virgos) manning the this night has debauchery written all over it.

We've been busy spreading the DISCO'S REVENGE seed across the nation and around the globe(check out the recent interviews with the Snuff Crew from Germany, Lady D from Chicago and Duane Harriott from NYC). To our knowledge, there isn't any other event/project/blog in the Dallas metroplex that showcases the culture & music quite like we do.

And what EXACTLY is that we do you ask yourself???? Well for starters there isn't any other event in North Texas that features underground music ie. deep house, techno, nu disco, classic disco, tech house, classic house with one eye focused on the rich history of the culture while the other eye is creating new "classics" by featuring the hottest music from around the globe. Hence the tagline:

"Respecting the influences of the past that were the template for the present which in turn influences the future"

Here is a recent podcast from DJ Israel Marcano to tide you over until the 9th...see u there.

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