Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special FREE In Store appearance @ Bill's Records & Tapes Sunday September 26th

Add VideoJust want to let you know that we will be spinning some Deep House and disco jams at legendary vinyl emporium, Bill's Records Sunday September 26th. from 2pm-6pm.

This event was put together by DJ Israel Marcano of W.A.R.M.T.H. International who will also be joining Woody Rosen and Mr Daishiki Jones of DISCO'S REVENGE.

Bill's Records holds a special place in the hearts of electronic music fans locally, nationally and internationally. Locally, many of the dj's who would later become the foundation of Dallas' nascent "electronic" music scene in the late 1980's, got their start by purchasing vinyl from Bill's when it was located on Spring Valley & Coit in North Dallas. Bill's was "ground zero" for underground dance music culture and much of the music sold within its four walls would go on the provide the soundtrack for what would soon become known as "house" and "rave" culture.

Besides influencing the local scene, Bill's played host to a virtual "who's who" of visiting dance music artists/ dj's, everyone from Doc Martin to Ron Trent to Scott "Smokin" Silz to Theo Parrish stopped in to pick up some fresh music....

This is our way to say thanks and pay homage to Dallas' unsung hero of underground House Music culture.

And YES...this is an ALL VINYL event... :-)

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