Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 Questions For WOODY ROSEN

First a review in the DALLAS OBSERVER of Alvin Booth's aka MR DAISHIKI JONES stellar performance at last weeks EPIC Alexander Robotnick

And now a brief Q & A in the DALLAS QUICK with the other half of DISCO'S REVENGE...WOODY

5 questions for Woody Rosen

The DJ spins every Saturday for Disco's Revenge at the Viper Lounge in Deep Ellum. He'll also appear at the "Chill Sunday" event on Sunday afternoon at House of Blues.
Thursday, August 19, 2010
By Hunter Hauk,

Describe the music you play: I have always described what I play as deep soulful house music, which can really be a lot of things. It draws on everything from jazz to R&B to funk and disco, gospel, or even Afro-beat sort of stuff. It's what you would probably hear if you went to an underground party in NYC.
What's the one track you can always fall back on to steer your set in the right direction? Anything that is familiar to a lot of people. Usually, any of those old fun tracks from the '90s will work, but I try not to overdo that.
Tell us one of the strangest requests — song or otherwise — you’ve received from a listener: We had this one dude that would come into Minc sometimes. Once, he came up to me and my friend in the DJ booth and said he was going to bring in a guest DJ the next week. When I asked if he had a demo, his reply was, “That’s the problem with Iraq!” He looked at us like we were crazy, stared me directly in the eyes for about 10 seconds, then walked away.
What's a new (or new to you) track you plan on incorporating into your next playlist, and why? It's hard to pick out any one song in particular, but for the past year or so I have been working in a little more disco, along the lines of Italo disco or Paradise Garage tracks. It's a sound that I think a lot of the younger newcomers are into, and it's also fun and interesting for me to dig into those old songs and branch out in that direction a little.
Describe your fantasy DJ gig: My dream gig would be to have a weekly party at a place with a crowd that knows and understands the music, somewhere that isn't restricted by a 2 a.m. curfew, and has an amazing sound system.
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  1. Woody played a set on KNTU back in '01 that sent me back to the zone in a fantastic tailspin! Mr V & Jolene's "The DJ", and a track called "Knowing (what you want)"
    I was immersed in a New York Paradise G / Philadelphia Catacombs experience that he taps into with phenomenal accuracy! I simply must meet him someday!
    He's very dear to me, connecting my spirit to time agonizingly missed!